Media Services

RaceTech’s Media has several main functions:

Managing the digital racing archive for the BHA. This archive contains all angles of the footage captured on the Dreamcatcher replay systems used by the Stewards on race days, and can all be viewed online for review by the BHA teams.

Communicating and maintaining a centralised library of graphics and VTs provided by racecourse marketing teams, sponsors or central industry organisations.

RaceTech’s creative media team can design, update or assist in new content used for messaging and advertising on racecourse screens. Production and Editing, RaceTech’s Media department produce promotional videos for racecourses, content for industry awards ceremonies and on-site edits for use in the Racecourse TV output.

The media team create bespoke racecourse Graphics using brand guidelines to enhance racegoer experience, for seasonal use or a one-off themed festival look.

We offer a post-race service to connections with copies of races which can be ordered online plus video brochures for winning connections which are produced and manufactured by the RaceTech Media team.’