“Media Services” is the “back office” of the broadcasting operation and is composed of three main functions – managing the archive of every horse race run in mainland Britain, providing footage on demand for integrity purposes, stewards enquiries and appeals and also fulfilling a retail sales function for owners, trainers and connections who wish to purchase a copy of a race.

The archive is managed and maintained by RaceTech for every horse race on mainland Britain (including those broadcast by others). Every race is ingested into an electronic archive via broadcast quality XDCam disks, metatagged for retrieval in a unique electronic filing cabinet.

In addition, the archive is available to owners, trainers, connections and sponsors, syndicates and the media, for copies of memorable races, winning horses and of course, successful jockeys. We operate an online ordering system to purchase disks over the internet, that are fulfilled from our head office in Raynes Park. In the future, if demand dictates, races could be streamed over the internet and the archive may even sit in “the cloud”.