Brian Paul OB Director at RaceTech Wins Racing Welfare Lifetime in Racing Award

Brian Paul, RaceTech Outside Broadcast Director approaching 50 years of service, has been surrounded by well-wishing friends and colleagues congratulating him on winning Racing Welfare’s Lifetime in Racing Award for the northern area.

As one of the most popular members of the RaceTech team, Brian is due to celebrate his 50th year with the company in 2023 and has made plans to retire after half a century of dedicated service to racing.

He expressed his surprise at the award saying, “It was a total shock, I never expected anything like this to happen. Racing Welfare do so much to support racing’s workforce and it is an honour, not just for me, but my close colleagues at RaceTech who have been part of my journey. It has been a pleasure working with lovely people”.

Based in the northern part of the country Brian is well known across the racecourses where he has spent much time at the helm of Outside Broadcast Unit 1. Throughout his career Brian has trained and helped many new recruits and team members, his experience and skill spreads across engineering, camera operations, production and directing, not to mention his huge knowledge of racecourse infrastructure.

John Bozza CEO RaceTech said, “Racing Welfare do tremendous work supporting staff across the industry and we were delighted to nominate Brian for the Lifetime in Racing Award”.

“We were absolutely thrilled to hear he had been chosen as winner for the northern region. As an exceptional individual approaching 50 years’ service, Brian is a highly skilled, outstanding member of our team and he thoroughly deserves the recognition”.