RaceTech Lite

RaceTech Lite is one of our newest innovations, aimed at capitalising on our long heritage in broadcasting services by identifying other applications for our talents. By offering a highly price competitive, low cost service, RaceTech seeks to bring professional broadcasting standards to new and emerging equine sports, and beyond.

Combining our many years of filming horseracing with a cost effective and flexible business model (1-4 cameras, in Standard Definition up to full HD capability), utilising sound and vision, live or recorded as required, there is simply no-one more experienced at filming live.

Footage can be streamed to the web, output locally via CCTV or big screen, recorded and archived, all in full broadcast quality at highly competitive rates, taking broadcast to a range of new sports and events for the first time.

Ideally suited to all equine sports, whether arena based, track or out in the country, RaceTech has a nationwide service that is within reach of all – providing pictures for competitors, members, owners, sponsors and connections, and can advise on creating commercial revenue streams and maximising the potential of broadcasting.

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