Raceday Procedures

To help us to help you, here are some contacts and deadlines to be aware of. These apply to ALL events.

One week in advance – Send all logos (in correct format if at all possible) and sponsors’ adverts – flat or video, to operations@racetech.co.uk. Full details of specifications are at the end of this section and can be sent to sponsors and/or their media agencies.

TWO working days in advance – Send final version of the racecard (names of races/start times/any other details to be included on CCTV on the day) to operations@racetech.co.uk.

On the day – The RaceTech broadcast unit is headed by the Unit Manager, who is your first port of call for any questions, requests, changes or liaison with RaceTech on a raceday. The Unit Manager will supply you with 2 copies of each race available 5-10 mins after the result is finalised. Discs can be collected from the broadcast truck throughout the afternoon or all in one go at the end of the day. Any issues or problems are formally logged each day on our report sheets, which enables us to put things right next time. If you would find it useful, we would recommend a season review meeting to look back over your preceding season and plan the future. This is also a good opportunity to hear about new innovations, improvements and technologies that may be of interest, so talk to the Unit Manager about making an appointment for this to take place.

After racing – Every race/all camera angles will be ingested into the archive and held for a minimum of 2 years. Customers are welcome to purchase copies of the races directly from our online ordering system, by visiting www.racetech.co.uk and clicking on Buy DVDs/Videos button. Races will be available within 5 working days of raceday.

Specifications for use on CCTV/big screens

To help us to help you (and your sponsors), it is essential that any adverts (flat ads or DVDs) are sent to us for pre-loading into the scanner one week before raceday. All adverts must be in the correct format – these are familiar terms to the sponsor’s media agencies and they will need these specifications to make sure that they send the right data to you to send to us.

Ads presented on the day/at the last minute present huge problems and may well compromise the integrity of your sponsors’ logos and adverts if we have to crop them/reformat them “on the fly”.

As we all work towards improving CCTV, it becomes even more imperative to make sure things are properly planned, laid out and presented – no sponsor wants to see their messaging squeezed/squashed/cropped or stretched on TVs all around the racecourse, and with a bit of pre-planning, it should never happen.

Sponsors’ graphics should come in the following format in order for them to be viewable on both older 4 x 3 TVs and widescreen 16 x 9 TVs as well as giant video screens. This format also caters for HD graphics.

  • PC file format not MAC
  • Overall image size 1920 x 1080 pixels (16 x 9 widescreen TV format) in JPG
  • Any graphics, logos or text need to be placed in the central 1344 x 972 pixel area otherwise some information may not be displayed on non-widescreen TVs and big screens
  • Any text should have a minimum point size of 30 in order to be resolved on giant video screens

The above format caters for High Definition (HD) as and when an HD OB vehicle is in use. It also caters for down conversion for use on Standard Definition (SD) OB vehicles without loss of quality.

For existing graphics that have been produced using the previous file format of 1024 x 576 pixels these can still be used (until the end of their life) in the new HD vehicles with only minor loss of quality.

Sponsors’ video clips for CCTV

Sponsors’ video clips (adverts) or moving graphic images should be delivered on one of the following media types in SD.

  • Beta SP video tape
  • Digi Beta video tape
  • XD CAM digital disc recorded in Standard Definition (SD) @ DVCAM 25Mb/s
  • Video DVD PAL movie (.mpg) not AVI or WMV or on the following media type for HD
  • XD CAM digital disc recorded in HD @ MPEG HD420 35Mb/s

All video clips/moving images should recorded be in 16×9 widescreen SD format which are 4×3 safe. All graphics and video production agencies should understand these terms.

If you have any questions regarding formats or difficulties in liaising with your sponsors to ensure materials are provided in the right format, please let us know. We are happy to talk to media agencies to make sure they know what is required and if all materials are submitted a week in advance, there is time to resolve any last minute hitches.

We can also help you if you’d like to include a section on media formats in your sponsors packs, so that sponsors don’t incur costs producing materials in the wrong/un-useable formats so that they get best value for money too.

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