RaceTech is never standing still. Our commitment to our customers means that we are constantly reviewing, monitoring and researching new technologies and enhancing our services to improve the racegoer experience and maximise our customers’ investment. This covers new technologies such as sectional timing, providing split timing for punters and racecourses, to moderated social media feeds for Event TV, for broadcast into certain areas aimed at particular demographics.

Enhanced graphics for Event TV and slick editing can raise Event TV to the production values that viewers expect from terrestrial coverage, encompassing radio cam coverage, paddock side interviews, additional boom cameras (jimmy jib cameras for unique shots vertically or wide angle horizontal shots) and other cinematic devices that engage the viewer in an ever more interactive way.

Smart graphics can be used to brand the Event TV programme with sponsors’ logos, videos, adverts and images, and this can be adapted for overseas customers – broadcasters, sponsors and individuals.

With the increasing internationalisation of sport, live web streaming of footage or even whole Event TV programme output becomes a real possibility, with copies archived for future reference. Broadcast pictures can be beamed around the world in such a variety of different ways now and the concept of multiplatform viewing is here and now.

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