RaceTech’s engineering team brings together resources from broadcast, project engineers, graphics designers and production technologists to provide an end to end service to meet our customers’ needs. Whether it’s designing and building a completely new innovation for racing, developing affordable fixed and mobile camera solutions, virtual graphics, integrating social media feeds, public address, maintenance, researching and delivering archive solutions, design and build of race timing solutions or launching into new equestrian industries, the engineering team is the first technology step.

The engineering team are on hand for customers to discuss long term capital projects, to investigate commercial feasibility for new ideas and technologies and then project manage to make it happen. A number of innovations are currently under development with more in the pipeline for the future. This will ensure RaceTech is always at the leading edge of technology for its racing customers.

Our core team of fully qualified engineers are experts in high-end broadcast and archive technologies who then call upon field staff to execute their plans with many years of experience working with the world’s leading broadcasters and producers. We are the leading provider of broadcast services to the racing industry and that experience qualifies us to develop new and innovative ideas, both for racing and beyond, taking broadcast to new equestrian areas and enhancing the racing experience for race goers, broadcast partners, sponsors and hosts.

Enhanced graphics can make all the difference to racecourse TV programming, establishing the high production values that viewers expect and messaging in ever more creative ways. Filming and live streaming of feeds to the internet, archiving for public download, development of apps for smart phones and tablets all comes under the auspices of RaceTech’s engineering team, who also project manage from inception to roll out. RaceTech engineering is here to work with you on any engineering solution or on-course issue you may have.


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