Broadcast Services & Public Address

Broadcast Services are the mainstay of our business and are made up of three distinct but intertwined areas – integrity services for the Stewards, broadcasting services for terrestrial and satellite broadcasters and producing and directing racecourse television programmes.

Integrity Services to the Stewards

Integrity Services to the Stewards are a vital piece of the raceday technical brief. Every race is filmed from up to 5 camera positions, including the head on angle, a side on angle and sufficient cameras to cover the entire course. The Stewards are able to see the race live from every angle and then communicate immediately with the broadcast vehicle to request re-runs as required, as many times and from whatever angle is necessary.

Copies of the race on disk are made available to jockeys appealing decisions and to Stewards to review later. Facilities to talk-back to the Stewards room are an integral part of the service and the advent of HD has made a substantial contribution to the quality of the pictures available to the Stewards.

Broadcasting Services for Terrestrial and Satellite Broadcasters

Broadcasting services for terrestrial and satellite broadcasters is the “sharp end” of our business. All of our filming is “live” – we don’t get any second chances. Our camera crews shoot footage, whether in the paddock, out on the course or the actual action, and those pictures are carried back to the broadcast vehicle via cables or radio links, where the Director is responsible for switching camera angles and different feeds to produce the most visually appealing and complete coverage possible.

The engineering team support both the visual input and output and the audio input and output, to maintain quality of service, regardless of the weather, the conditions, or the speed of the action and are sensitive to the requirements of third parties requiring feeds. The Unit Manager oversees all of the broadcast activities, ensures that all races and any additional footage is recorded as required and acts as liaison on the day with broadcasters and event host.

Public address and Audio

Public Address and Audio services are a long standing component in the jigsaw puzzle of broadcast services that we provide on racedays. From the provision of walkie-talkies to Stewards, officials, Clerk of the Course, Judge, safety and support staff, including vets, doctors, groundsmen and ambulance staff, as well as racecourse representatives, RaceTech ensures that all parties have clear communications with each other and central systems on a busy raceday.

The broadcast office is the hub of raceday operations, ensuring that every part of the site is covered for commentary, comment and safety purposes, making announcements and acting as liaison point for broadcasters, commentator and the racecourse itself. Our skill is not just in the unique acoustics of a racecourse, that combines indoor with outdoor coverage and requires that there can be no “echo” or time delay, RaceTech has a wealth of understanding and experience of designing and building commercial audio solutions.

Producing and directing racecourse television programmes is the chance for us and you, the customer, to be creative and deliver a programme that is appealing to racegoers, old and new alike, informatively and imaginatively, helping your customers to have the best day out possible by providing them with information, education and entertainment as well as recognising the vital role played by sponsors, owners and connections.

Racecourse TV (CCTV) can be as simple or sophisticated as you want and ever higher production values are becoming the norm. A slick and professional show, incorporating paddock interviews, additional camera angles, social media feeds, sectional timing, high quality graphics and sponsor advertising will more than pay dividends.

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